Buying here is as easy as 1-2-3. Read these steps carefully and you are ready to shopping stuffs you like.

  1. Click on buy when you want to buy a goods
  2. Whenever you ready to pay, just click on "check out" at the shopping cart page, or you can find it easily on every page. Take a look at the right top corner. See?
  3. Next step, pick an address. Just click on your own address if you want to buy them for yourself. Else, just click on the other address and fill the form if you want to buy them from someone else as a gift or surprise!
  4. Ready to finish! Last page is a confirmation page. Check them one more time. If you are sure everythings are correct, just click "ok".
  5. Just wait and we will contact you.

Don't worry cause we will handle all the hassle. You just click here and there. We will deliver your goods on your door :)

Happy shopping!